First registration

3 steps to enrol in the University:

  1. The pedagogical registration at ED STIC, via the application eCandidat for student from Université Cote d’Azur (UCA) or via the application specific to PSL
  2. The administrative registration at the university records office ("scolarité" of UCA or PSL)
  3. The opening of your electronic identity and the participation in the welcome day of ED STIC

1. Pedagogical registration at ED STIC

To enrol in PSL (CMA laboratory):

  • Get in touch with Valérie Roy to apply for registration
  • Thesis charter of PSL to be signed by the student and his(her) PhD supervisor

To enrol in Université Côte d’Azur (Inria, I3S, LEAT, EpOC and I-City laboratories):

  • Create your account on eCandidat :!accueilView.
  • You will receive an e-mail of explanation as soon as create your account.
  • Documents must be downloaded, filled in and uploaded on eCandidat, except for the attestation of fundings to download here.

For information, here are the main steps:
- Students with a Master from a French University : see 1.1
- Students with a foreign Master from a French University : see 1.1 & 1.2

1.1. Students with a Master from a French University
  • Agreement of course filled in and uploaded on eCandidat, for information the first year
  • Identity card or passport
  • Application document for UCA to be signed by the student, his(her) PhD supervisor and the director of the laboratory (french document, ask your supervisor for help)
  • Doctoral thesis chapter and Rules of procedure of the college of doctoral studies of the University Côte d’Azur to be signed by the student, his(her) PhD supervisor 
  • Your detailed CV including ID photo and publications if applicable
  • Your Master diploma (or an attestation of success including your scores)
  • A half page description of the PhD subject (see with the PhD supervisor)
  • The documents (description of the thesis subject and the letter of the supervisor.) are to be informed directly in the training agreement because they continue to be requested but no longer in the form of a separate file..

1.2. Students with a foreign Master

In addition to the previous documents:
  • Your contract or certificate of funding of the foreign government
  • Your master diploma with an accredited translation (translation not required for English, Italian or Spanish diplomas)
  • Description of the Master courses

In addition, foreign students living in one of the countries listed in Campus France must register at the corresponding Campus France area. Registration at Campus France is necessary to obtain a student visa and to enrol in the University.

1.3. Co-directions and "cotutelles"

  • In case of co-direction, ask your supervisor to also complete the co-direction request form.
  • A cotutelle is a joint thesis between a French university and a foreign university. The student research time is shared between the two universities (usually at least one year in each university) with a thesis co-supervisor in each university. The defense takes place in one of the universities only, but the student receives a doctorate from each of the universities. A cotutelle agreement such as this one [FR] and [EN] (see with the secretariat for writing its final version) establishes the rules from the beginning of the thesis to the jury and the defense. Registration fees are paid in a one of the universities only.
  • Finally some universities, which do not deliver (yet) PhDs, ask for an international co-supervising agreement with a co-director in each university.

Applications are submitted for approval to the doctoral school and then to the university.
The secretary of ED STIC will send an e-mail, within about fifteen days, to enter the second step.


2. Administrative registration at the university records office

To enrol Université Côte d'Azur, once the Doctoral School has given a favorable opinion, you will receive an e-mail of explanation to complete your registration via eCandidat.

To enrol at the PSL University (CMA laboratory), please refer to this web site of the PSL University.
Students are enroled at the University only when the administrative registration is validated by the delivery of their student card.
Don't forget to re-register every year!


3. Get and stay in touch with us, as a PhD Student

3.1 Digital identity

Students registered with PSL will simply have to create their ADUM account and follow the instructions.

Students enrolled at UCA must, upon receipt of the student card, activate a student university mail address by using "sésame" at UNS. It is the only way to obtain information from de ED STIC (registrations, formations, fundings and so on). Note that even those who already have a university mail address (of the form must activate their student university mail address.

3.2. Welcome day

In November, ED STIC organizes a welcome meeting during which all relevant information is provided. Even if your registration is not complete by this date, be present.
For students arriving later in the academic year, it is strongly advised to join the welcome meeting held at the beginning of their second year.